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The Glacier Group is proud to offer advisory services with our Sustainability and Climate Change expertise. 

Businesses are increasingly being challenged by their stakeholders to consider their impacts on the environment, and mitigate the impacts of climate change and a changing environment on business performance and profitability. As climate change, social inequity and environmental degradation becomes more prevalent, the financial implications of these non-financial issues are becoming embedded into Directors Duties, to be managed like traditional business risks.


Companies must respond to these expectations while mitigating risk in the short, medium and long term.

The Glacier Group provide services across sustainability and climate change to help your business become more resilient.


Our Sustainability and Climate Change services cover:

  • Policy development

  • Materiality Assessments

  • GRI and Sustainability Disclosure report development

  • Sustainability program planning and strategy development (including waste, energy, renewable energy and emissions)

  • Sustainability target development and pipeline modelling 

  • Science Based Target (SBT) modelling and setting

  • Scenario modelling 

  • Waste management and resource recovery planning and strategy development

  • Project pipeline development including business case writing

  • Strategic and reputational risk advisory services

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) mapping and advisory

  • Ethical, environmental and social risk management in supply chain reviews and strategies


These services support organisations and directors to move beyond a business model that focuses solely on shareholder or financial value, to a model which sees your business positively impact and contribute to the community you operate in. 

The Glacier Group support organisations to understand and identify the material issues that have the greatest impact on your business. We leverage this understanding as a foundation to create a cross-functional, practical sustainability strategy. The Glacier Group are deeply connected with the industry and provide our clients with the most current insights on market and stakeholder sentiment, helping you stay ahead of emerging performance and reporting expectations, as well as the risks and opportunities specific to your industry.

To Download our Fact Sheet for Science Based Targets, click "Download"

“At Kathmandu I was tasked with producing and managing their zero waste strategy. We worked with Rebecca who supported us in formulating the zero waste strategy across 160 stores, two distribution centres and two offices.

Rebecca helped us think simplistically about the strategy by breaking the program up into succinct phases. As a result, we successfully spread the key actions out across the planned timeline within their respective phase.”

— Oliver Milliner, Sustainability Manager