Improve Business Resillience

Achieve your Goals

Mitigate your Risks

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Ignoring stakeholder and societal expectations around ESG issues and risks is no longer an option for companies looking to thrive long-term. The Glacier Group will support your business to meet these expectations and realise real business benefit along the way.

We work with businesses and fund managers to address customer concerns, mitigate future emerging risks and allow you to engage openly and positively with your stakeholders.


The Glacier Group’s work includes a range of services that:

  • help support long-term business resilience

  • enhance environmental and social practices and outcomes; and 

  • facilitate business innovation to drive positive impact, and establish a pathway for you to get there in line with your business drivers.


We work with our clients to deliver true risk mitigation, reputational uplift and improved stakeholder engagement with your business and brand.


All our work is underpinned by an effort to:

  • mitigate non-traditional business risk,

  • improve your reputation and brand strength, and

  • improve engagement with your stakeholders through transparency and responsible business practices.


To learn more about current and emerging risks we

are working with our clients on, check out our blog.


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Expert Guidance

The Glacier Group is proud to offer Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk advisory services to our clients. This service line is a particular passion of one of our Directors, Gehan. 

ESG is the overarching framework which defines the services that we offer the industry. The growing influence of non-financial risks and issues that span ESG are changing stakeholder, investor, customer and employee expectations of the way organisations practices business. Managing these risks effectively has been proven to result in improved financial performance for a business and improve stakeholder engagement with the brand - reputational uplift.

Whether industry leading companies embrace ESG, or companies that embrace ESG become leaders, there is a strong link between understanding these issues and outperforming your peers financially.  

We support investors, corporates and responsibly focused organisations to capitalise on the opportunities and financial benefits derived from improving the responsibility of your business. The services we offer mitigate the inherent and often ignored risk associated with Environmental, Social and Governance issues, as well as uplifting an organisations reputation and engagement with all stakeholders. 


The Glacier Group will translate Sustainability and ESG concepts into meaningful, practical business applications to realise benefits for your business. 


The Glacier Group can help you: 

  • Understand the ESG risks relevant to your organisation,

  • Gather stakeholder perceptions of your response to relevant risks, and

  • Quantify and prioritise actions to mitigate these risks.



Improve Business Resilience

Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frames a businesses behaviour, allowing it to act in ways that enhances society and the environment. The research is clear that organisations experience reputational uplift as a result of these activities. In today's socially conscious world staff, customers and stakeholders place a premium on working for, and spending or investing their money with businesses that prioritise CSR activities.


Achieve Your Goals

Businesses are already being challenged by their stakeholders to consider their environmental impact and mitigate their contribution to climate change. As climate change, social inequity and environmental degradation becomes more tangible, these challenges will grow. Businesses are today seeing the negative financial implications of these non-financial issues being captured under director’s duties. This trend is irreversible, and companies must respond to these expectations while mitigating risk in the short, medium and long term.


Mitigate your Risks

As understandings of corruption and bribery, climate change, supply chain sustainability and social issues become enmeshed in shareholder expectations of a director’s duty, building frameworks and approaches that consider these new types of risks is vital. The Glacier Group are pleased to assist you with the development of performance monitoring and evaluation frameworks, design and implement of robust governance models and processes for collecting and reporting information and provide guidance for market disclosures.