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Australian’s are being condemned by our peers

So what are we going to do about it?

We have heard recently about the outrage from our international peers as to the lack of action we have taken here, locally, to fight and mitigate climate change. With the onset of some of the most catastrophic fires we have seen as a community, the question is being raised almost daily – why aren’t we doing more to fight climate change?

Australia is a seriously as risk of suffering major and immediate consequences of our changing global environment. We are in the midst of losing major natural landmarks (including the Great Barrier Reef) which will significantly impact our tourism and thus income. Australian’s are personally at risk of natural disasters like these fires we are seeing, but also worsening droughts, sky rocketing temperatures and emergence of disease due to this new climate.

Despite what our Prime Minister tells us, Australia is not on track to meet its 2030 emissions targets under the Paris agreement and needs to bring its environment policies into line with the “scale of the challenge” the country is facing, one of the world’s pre-eminent economic institutions says. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development also finds the status of Australia’s biodiversity is “poor and worsening” and the government’s national threatened species strategy will fail unless it is expanded, and funding increased.

As Australian’s, we should be ashamed, but we should also be worried for our future. WE can’t grow food in inhospitable soil, we can’t attract tourists and make cash if we have no attractions and we can’t stay healthy is super bugs keep reappearing or if we run out of water to keep ourselves healthy and clean.

Our national response to climate change has been internationally ridiculed as being one of the worst in the G20 due to our lack of policy, our ongoing and unwavering reliance on fossil fuels and resulting rising emissions leaving the country exposed “economically, politically and environmentally”, according to a new international report.

Australia’s progress to meeting its already “unambitious” Paris climate targets was third worst globally as we see that fossil fuel energy is on the rise and policies to tackle high transport emissions and deforestation were also among the worst across the G20 countries.

With a situation that is threatening our livelihoods, our children and our homes it now falls to the businesses of Australia to make a change, to reduce our national impact and fight for the future of our people. If you want to get started, but are scratching your head as to how, get in touch with us today –

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