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Improve Business Resillience

The Glacier Group is proud to support your business with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services. This service line is the passion of one of our Directors, Rebecca. 

Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frames a business’s behaviour, allowing it to function in ways that enhances society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively. Overwhelmingly, organisations experience reputational uplift as a result of these activities.


In today's socially conscious world staff, customers and stakeholders place a premium on working for, and spending or investing their money with businesses that prioritise CSR activities.


As a society, there is a growing sentiment that our actions should contribute positively to the state of the world. CSR is an evolving business practice that sees the inclusion of responsible development practices into an organisation's business model. It is now understood that financial success, and positive social or environmental impact are not mutually exclusive and can occur concurrently. In fact, responsible business practices have been proven to strengthen the resilience of a business and increase profit. 

CSR covers many pillars of responsible business practice as outlined by our service offering below:

  • Policy development

  • Planning & strategy development

  • Risk reviews and mitigation planning

  • Non-financial reputational uplift opportunity recommendations

  • Modern Slavery review, risk review and mitigation planning, policy development and best practice advisory

  • Modern Slavery due diligence and public disclosures

  • Advisory consulting services, and more


Reputation is critical to a business's success, and so the concept of a social license to operate has evolved. The Glacier Group work to identify opportunities for CSR improvement to mitigate reputational risk and uplift stakeholder sentiment for your business. 

This sentiment is reflected in a changing regulatory environment both locally and internationally which has seen Director Duties expended in common law to cover responsible business practices across its operations and investment. Implementing CSR and ESG risk management frameworks will mitigate this duty. 


The Glacier Group has a strong record of CSR Consulting. Our team has many years of experience advising some of Australia’s largest organisations and iconic brands. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your CSR and responsible business practice journey.